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Rabbi Tzirlson Grave

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Rabbi Tzirlson Grave


Basic Information

Location Kishinev, Moldova
Country Moldova, Republic of
City Kishinev

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility yes
Geographical Coordinates 47.02686,28.84155


Rabbi Tzirlson, born 1859, was the main rabbi of the city of Kishinev. He was also a senator in the Romanian parliament between the years 1920-1926. He quit in 1926 due to Antisemitism. When Serbia was annexed to the Soviet Union the Soviet newspapers presented Rabbi Tzirlson as an anti-Soviet agent. The rabbi was killed during WWII (1941) when the Germans dropped an air bomb on Kishinev. His final resting place lies underneath a huge memorial erected over the graves of those killed during the Kishinev Pogroms.

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