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Remains of the original Jewish quarter

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Remains of the original Jewish quarter


Basic Information

Location Plasencia, Spain
Country Spain
City Plasencia
Address Plasencia, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 40.0295,-6.0946


However, the first placement of the Jewish quarter of La Mota in the 12th century took place in the area in which the St. Vincent Ferrer was built, now reconverted into a splendid State Tourist Hotel. In one of the gardens and in the car park of the Tourist Hotel, the remains of a street and different buildings of said original Jewish quarter can be clearly made out, complementing the beauty of the cloister, the capitulary room or the famous open-air staircase by Juan de Ezquerra and Juan Álvarez.

The aljama of Plasencia enjoyed legal autonomy to settle civil and criminal disputes between Jews at an exclusively Jewish court (bet din). Said court administered justice according to the laws of the Torah and in accordance with the legal decisions of the contemporary Rabbinic authorities and the ordinances of each community. The rabbinic court of Plasencia used to meet at the outbuildings of La Mota synagogue. The Jewish community also had its own prison overseen by the «Albedín».

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