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Remuh Cemetery

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Remuh Cemetery


Basic Information

Location Szeroka 40, Krakow, Poland
Phone number +48 12 430 54 11
Country Poland
City Krakow

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 50.05273,19.94784


The Remuh Cemetery, also known as the Old Jewish Cemetery of Krakow, is an inactive Jewish cemetery established in 1535. It is located in the historic Kazimierz district of Krakow, Poland beside the 16th century Remuh Synagogue. Generally, visitors may be afforded a glimpse of a service. However, due to restoration works, visitors now need to make an appointment to see the interior or stroll through the cemetery which was in use until 1800.

History and time period

In 1800 the cemetery was closed and a nearby new Jewish cemetery in Krakow was built. During the German occupation of Poland, Nazis destroyed the cemetery, tearing down the walls and selling the tombstones for use as paving stones. The tombstone of the Ramah is one of the few that remained intact. The cemetery has undergone a series of post-War restorations. As is common in contemporary Poland, tombstones found in use as paving stones have been returned and re-erected, although they represent a small fraction of the monuments that once stood in the cemetery.

Special discoveries

Notable grave sites include Rabbi Moses Isserles (ca 1525-1572) buried there along with his family, and Mordechaj Saba, head of the Krakow Talmudic Academy from 1572-1576; as well as Joseph Kac, head of the same academy in 1576-1591; Nathan Nata Spira (1583-1633), Krakow rabbi and head of the Academy from 1617-1633; Jozue ben Joseph (1590-1648), also head of the Academy; Joel Sirkes (Bach, 1561-1640), rabbi of the Krakow Jewish community and head of the Academy; Gerszon Saul Jom Tow Lipman Heller (1579-1654), rabbi of the Jewish communities in Vienna, in Prague and of the community in Krakow from 1643-1654, a rector of the Krakow Talmudic Academy from 1648-1654.

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