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San Bartolomé District

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San Bartolomé District


Basic Information

Location Sevilla, Spain
Country Spain
City Sevilla
Address Sevilla, Spain

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 37.3870,-5.9869


An important part of the former Jewish quarter, in the San Bartolomé district you can enjoy suggestive streets packed with attractions. The artistic and sentimental aspects of San Bartolomé can be found in its temples and convents, its intricate labyrinth and its alleys. Time could not escape from this neighbourhood and underlies in every courtyard, gushing forth and emptying out its flow of history.

The fence at the old Jewish quarter commenced at Tintes street, went through Mercedarias square, Conde de Ibarra and Federico Rubio street until attaining Mateos Gago. It took in the two halves of the Jewish quarter which are the district of San Bartolomé and the district of Santa Cruz. To allow transit, the walls opened up at two or three wicket gates which connected with the other districts; at the other end the Perlas Gate looked out onto the fields and the cemetery of the community which may be located at the site of the current market at the Carne Gate.

Santa María la Blanca and San José streets are the backbone of the district which branches out into small alleys rife with charm such as Cano and Cueto, San Clemente, Céspedes or Levíes. The lungs of San Bartolomé are two guild squares which have a lot in common, Curtidores and Zurradores, as well as Mercedarias square. After the conquest Fernando III granted three mosques for synagogue worship. In addition to the one which existed at the plot of Santa Cruz square, in the district of San Bartolomé Santa María la Blanca and San Bartolomé were opened.

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