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Tangible Sites Criteria

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To be included on the World Jewish Heritage List, sites must be of outstanding Jewish Heritage value, and meet the criteria. The criteria are regularly revised by the Committee to reflect the evolution of the World Jewish Heritage concept itself.

In order to be listed in the WJHpedia the sites must meet the following criteria.

  1. WJHpedia content is intended to be factual, notable, verifiable and neutrally presented.
  2. Well-written: its prose is informative and of a professional standard.
  3. Comprehensive: it neglects no major facts or details.
  4. Well-researched: Content is verifiable and based on high-quality, reliable sources.
  5. Jewish Heritage: Content pertaining to the following sites must be factual and relate specifically to Jewish heritage.
    1. Archeological Sites
    2. Attraction Sites
    3. Cemeteries
    4. Holocaust Sites
    5. Holy Graves
    6. Memorial Sites
    7. Museums
    8. Restaurants
    9. Shtetls
    10. Synagogues
    11. Jewish Quarters