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Taste of Jerusalem eBook

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Jerusalem 1.png


Taste of Jerusalem eBook


Taste of Jerusalem eBook is designed to promote Israeli culture and identity that is seen throughout the heart of Israel. The eBook is divided into 5 areas including Uptown Jerusalem, The City Center, The Old City, Downtown West and Downtown East Jerusalem. Restaurants, delis, bakeries and trails as well as festivals and culinary tours are portrayed throughout the eBook through rich content and quality media. This journey through Jerusalem has been made possible due to the cooperation with Leading Israeli Food Critic Gil Hovav and Leading Christian-Arab Chef Joseph Asfour. The Taste of Jerusalem eBook will take you on a cultural adventure through Israel's capital where you will enjoy the ultimate culinary experience.


  1. Review all the material on the existing eBook 'Taste of Jerusalem' (link to info on drive)
  2. Extensive research on restaurants of all ethnicities around Jerusalem.
  3. Fill in the tables for the WJHpedia site, events and trails, supplied with the relevant information in each column. (link to table)
  4. Upload the photos to the google drive into the folders named accordingly. (link to drive)
  5. When including a link to a website, ensure that is it the official website.
  6. Note that all pictures should be a minimum size of 1024 x 768.
  7. Once the tables are completed all the information will be uploaded automatically by us to the WJHpedia.
  8. Based on the information collected fill in the eBook table. (link to table)
  9. The summary should be a minimum of 250 character and a maximum of 700 spaces including spaces.
  10. The WJHpedia links required for the table will be available at this stage on the WJHpedia.
  11. Make sure that all the abides by the WJH protocols (WJHpedia Content Protocol)
  12. For any questions or assistance contact the project leader whenever necessary by simply clicking on the following link (* UNESCO eBook Project Manager)


  1. English a must
  2. Any additional languages may be beneficial

Skills Needed

Strong research and writing skills



Maximum Number of People Involved

Not Specified