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The «manta» (roll) of Tudela

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The «manta» (roll) of Tudela


Basic Information

Location Tudela, Spain
Country Spain
City Tudela

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 42.0632,-1.6050


At the synagogue there is a copy of the famous roll that the old Christians had put on display between 1610 and 1738 with the names of the converts from Tudela,

To conserve the cleanliness of the blood and be able to distinguish the quality of noble men.

In other words, so as to be able to take them off the manta (roll) where necessary.

By contrast, this did not rule out the long-standing resistance of the population to the Holy Office:in 1481 the city of Tudela refused to provide information about the murder in Saragossa of the inquisitor Pedro de Arbúes From Córdoba, on May 4th 1486, the Catholic Monarchs a letter was written to Tudela ordering the handing over of any heretics arriving from Aragón to the inquisitors. The people of Tudela replied that any officer of the Inquisition who had the nerve to enter the city would be hurled into the river Two years later,taking advantage of the Monarchs´ stay in Daroca, two commissioners from Tudela protested about the way the catholics submitted to the inquisitors so they would cancel the censorships against Tudela. They asked for the inquisitors not to interfere with the assets of the convicts and for their tasks to be limited to the absolution and penitence imposed Although the monarchs accepted the proposal,the people of Tudela did not get on with the inquisitors and in 1510 its town hall commissioned the proxies in Courts to take from here this friar who says he is an inquisitor

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