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The Jewish Museum

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The Jewish Museum


Basic Information

Location Sestiere Cannaregio, 2902/b, Venezia, 30121 Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
Country Italy
City Venezia

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Website https://goo.gl/maps/gynsj94QWpP2
Geographical Coordinates 45.44349,12.32953


Since 1953, The Jewish Museum has offered an extensive, treasure-trove display of historical documents and artifacts which offer a glimpse into the lives of the ancient Venetian Jewish community. Among the gems on display in the halls of this museum are silver-made ritual objects, Judaica collections, and illustrated handmade religious scriptures (including Passover Haggadot and Esther’s Scrolls), which are sure to spark your intrigue and draw you into the lifestyle of this unique diaspora community.


The local community established the Jewish Museum of Venice in 1953 in a compact space of architectonic uniqueness in the Campo of the Ghetto Novo. The museum, situated in between the Italian and German synagogues, offers displays of objects which bear witness to Jewish tradition within the Venetian community; Goldsmith and textile manufacture, ancient books and manuscripts, and items used for liturgy, are amongst the wide selection that lines its shelves. Those who constructed the museum split the space into two distinct parts – one area is devoted to Jewish festivities and worship, and the other, to Venetian Jewish history. Despite its small space, the museum’s offerings are rich and vast, offering a unique glimpse into the lives of the ancient Jewish community through images and objects.

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