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The Jewish cemetery in Lviv

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The Jewish cemetery in Lviv


Basic Information

Location 49.8453° N 24.0178° E
Country Ukraine
City Lviv

General Information

Open to visitors no
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Website http://www.sztetl.org.pl/en/article/lwow/12,cemeteries/11181,old-jewish-cemetery-in-lvov/
Geographical Coordinates 49.84452,24.01804


The old Jewish cemetery in Lviv is one of the oldest in Europe. It, along with the remains of the walls of the High Castle and the Church of St. Nicholas is one of the few monuments of princely times in Lviv. For a long time it was buried Jews from all over Galicia , only at the end of XVI - early XVII century, was allowed to have a cemetery for the Jewish communities of other Galician cities and towns.


There are several versions of when the Lviv Jewish cemetery opened. The management of the old Jewish cemetery argued that the earliest matseyvy date back to 1348 (Jakub baby) and 1378 (Miriam, the daughter of Saul). Director of the Lviv Historical Archives A.Cholovsky believed that a Jewish cemetery in Lviv city dates back to the acts of the year 1414 . Another researcher R.Menkitsky believed that the earliest references to the books of the Lviv city council refers to 1480 . In this record, saying that Jews should pay for the cemetery 30 pence each year on the day of St. Nicholas. In 1601 , 1624 , 1628 the community bought in addition tracts of land, and the fee for the use of the cemetery has increased. The boundaries of the cemetery has been clearly delineated on the plan of Lviv in 1766 . It was located between the modern streets Rappoport Kleparivska , brovarnya and the Bazaar. Some famous people buried in the central part. Nearby was a row of tombstones 129 victims of the Jesuit massacre in 1664 . Most matsevot dated back to 1855, when the city was raging cholera epidemic. Because of this epidemic, the old cemetery was crowded and it was closed down by the authorities.

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