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The Knight’s Hall

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The Knight’s Hall


Basic Information

Location 3 Weizmann st., Acre
Phone number +(972) 4-9956706
Country Israel
City Acre

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 32.92598,35.0725


A Crusaders citadel of the order of the Knights Hospitaller which is a part of the defense array of the Old City’s walls. This citadel is composed out of a complex of huge halls with magnificent arches and supporting pillars, which demonstrate the greatness of the Crusaders’ architecture during their rule of the city. These halls served for different purposes: meetings and ceremonies, Crusaders’ hospitality and dormitories, dinning room and the knights’ living quarters. A tour in this place is an architectural experience through which one can also learn and sense some of the crusaders’ way of life in Medieval times. Arrival: there is parking in the Knights' parking lot which is on Wiseman Street, at the entrance to the Old City of Acre (Akko).

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