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The Samaritans Passover sacrifice

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Basic Information

Location Mount Gerizim
Date 2013/03/24 - 2000/01/01
Recurring Event: yes
Country Israel
City Mount Gerizim

Tourist Information

Free entry yes
Suitable for kids no
Handicap accessibility no
Yearly event yes
Website http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3394699,00.htm


The Samaritans are a religious-ethnic group with strong ties to Judaism, but their religion is considered Abrahamic, since they claim to be the true decedents of the ancient Israelites. They share some holidays with the mainstream Jewish calendar, and their most holy ritual is a ceremony performed on Passover on Mount Gerizim in Israel in which the small community – there are only 900 members living in Israel - comes together and celebrates the beginning of the festival with a traditional sacrifice. The heads of each family slaughter a lamb, which are skinned and cooked on-site. Later, each family takes its lamb home as the centerpiece for its holiday dinner accompanied by matzas and bitter herbs. The fascinating event is said to be of close resemblance to how the Korban Pesach (the Passover offering) was actually performed. Visitors are welcome to watch the ceremony, but they should be prepared to travel back in time and to experience the sights and smells of a live ritual slaughtering.

Photo Gallery

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