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The Wells

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The Wells


Basic Information

Location Calle Ghetto Vecchio, 2875, Venezia, 30121 Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
Country Italy
City Venezia

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Geographical Coordinates 45.44559,12.32721


Like any other neighborhood or location in Italy’s Venice, the Jewish Ghetto was not shy on water. Water flowed freely in the ghetto – replacing streets with picturesque canals and passageways. Mixed in in the ghetto, amongst the community’s Jews and their community centers, were water-well structures built to grant access to groundwater in underground aquifers. In the Ghetto Nuovo alone, three such ancient-wells were commissioned by the Brolo family; Their family coat of arms can still be found, slightly faded, on the ancient stones lining the wells. Of even greater historical significance is the fact that, hidden in between the synagogues and museums of Ghetto Nuovo ‘downtown,’ is the first well-curb of its kind in Italy – a testament to the technological savvinness of the Venetian Jewish community.

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