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Tomb of Aaron

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Tomb of Aaron

Shrine on Mt Aaron.jpg

Basic Information

Location 30.31694°N 35.40694°E
Country Jordan
City Petra

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 30.31653,35.40651


The Tomb of Aaron is the name of the supposed burial-place of Aaron, the brother of Moses. There are two traditional locations, Mount Hor, near Mount Sinai in the Sinai, and a location near Petra in Jordan.


One Jewish tradition states Aaron died, and was buried on Mount Hor. Mount Hor is located near Mount Sinai in the Sinai. Others believe Aaron, known as Harun in Arabic, died and was buried on Jabal Harun, or Aaron's Mountain, near Petra in Jordan. A mosque was built at that Jordanian location in the 14th century.

Mount Hor is the name given in the Old Testament to two distinct mountains. One is in the Land of Edom on the East shore of the Dead Sea (currently, the country of Jordan), the other by the Mediterranean Sea at the Northern border of the Land of Israel.

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