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Tomb of Jonathan ben Uzziel

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Tomb of Jonathan ben Uzziel


Basic Information

Location 33.022482,35.516739
Country Israel
City zefat
Address near zefat

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Geographical Coordinates 33.0007,35.52383


Jonathan ben Uzziel (Hebrew: יונתן בן עוזיאל) is known as the author of Targum Jonathan. He is also said to have written a book of kabbalah known as Megadnim. He was one of the 80 tannaim who studied under Hillel the Elder. The Talmud in Sukkah 28a tells that while he was absorbed in studying Torah, if a bird flew over his head it would be burnt (possibly a metaphor meant to say that any scholar who wished to differ in opinion with him was incapable of such; Rashi suggests that the Ministering Angels [Malachei HaShareis] were responsible because they longed to hear his words of Torah. Tosafot has a dissenting opinion). His tomb is in Amuka, Galilee near Tzfat, Israel.

Traditionally, men and women who are unmarried visit this location to pray for a match; doing so is considered a segula (propitious remedy) for finding one’s mate within the coming year.

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