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Basic Information

Location Navarre, Spain
Country Spain
City Tudela

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility yes
Geographical Coordinates 42.69539,-1.67607


Tudela's Jewry were the last Jews to leave Spain, holding out against the expulsion edict until 1498. They are also responsible for bringing to the world famed Jewish scholar, Judah Ha-Levi, and famed 12th century traveler Benjamin of Tudela.


Tudela, the second largest city of Navarre, is a municipality in Spain and the capital of the "Ribera Navarra". The city can be found in the Ebro valley, with a population of 35,000. The city is served by fast trains running on two-track electrified railways.

History and time period

The city of Tudela has undergone numerous archaeological excavations. These excavations have revealed that the city has been inhabited since the lower paleolithuc. Initially established by the Romans on Celt-Celt-Iberian settlements, the city has since been continuously inhabited. Throughout the 9th century, Tudela has played a vital strategic role in the political and historical circumstances surrounding the city. In 1119, the city became occupied by 3 different communities; Jewish, Muslim, Mozarab. However, following the conquest, the 3 communities became dispersed, with Muslims moving to an area outside the town walls and the Jewish community remaining inside the town's walls.However, the Jews were later banished in 1498, followed by the expulsion of the Muslim and Morisco community, in 1516 and 1610 respectively. November 1808 symbolized a new era for the city, as during this time Napoleon Bonaparte's Marshal Lannes won the Battle of Tudela in the Peninsular War and in 1861 ,with the agricultural revolution, a new period of expansion for the city resulted.

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