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Vel' d'Hiv Roundup Memorial

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Vel' d'Hiv Roundup Memorial


Basic Information

Location 110-112 Avenue Jean Jaures 93700 DRANCY
Country France
City Drancy

General Information

Open to visitors yes
Need appointment no
Handicap accessibility no
Website http://www.memorialmuseums.org/eng/denkmaeler/view/90/Shoah-Memorial-in-Drancy
Geographical Coordinates 48.91882,2.45352


A memorial was also constructed in 1976 at Drancy, after a design competition won by Shelomo Selinger. It stands beside a rail wagon of the sort used to take prisoners to the death camps. It is three blocks forming the Hebrew letter Shin, traditionally written on the Mezuzah at the door of houses occupied by Jews. Two other blocks represent the gates of death. Shelomo Selinger said of his work: "The central block is composed of 10 figures, the number needed for collective prayer (Minyan). The two Hebrew letters Lamed and Vav are formed by the hair, the arm and the beard of two people at the top of the sculpture. These letters have the numeric 36, the number of Righteous thanks to whom the world exists according to Jewish tradition." On 25 May 2001, the cité de la Muette – formal name of the Drancy apartment blocks – was declared a national monument by the culture minister, Catherine Tasca. The Holocaust researcher Serge Klarsfeld said in 2004: "Drancy is the best known place for everyone of the memory of the Shoah in France; in the crypt of Yad Vashem (Jérusalem), where stones are engraved with the names of the most notorious Jewish concentration and extermination camps, Drancy is the only place of memory in France to feature."

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