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Venice, the Jews and Europe - (C)

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Venice, the Jews and Europe - (C)

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Basic Information

Location San Marco, 1, Venezia, 30124 Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
Date 2016/06/19 - 2016/11/19
Recurring Event:
Country Italy
City Venezia

Tourist Information

Free entry yes
Website http://www.veniceghetto500.org/la-mostra/?lang=en


Highlighting the unbelievable 500 year anniversary of the Venice Ghetto will be the eye-opening exhibition: Venice, the Jews and Europe. 1516-2016. Curated by leading expert on the urban history of the Venetian Ghetto, Donatella Calabi, this event will be a symbolic and moving experience, featuring recently restored historical artifacts of extraordinary importance! Using multimedia and artwork, this virtual reconstruction of the ghetto in its various historical phases will allow visitors to discover the fascinating development of the neighborhood. Organized in collaboration with MUVE foundation of Venice in the prestigious venue Doge’s Palace, this exhibition recounts the story of the ghetto with the best of Jewish Venetian art.

General Information

This exhibition aims to recount the interesting story of the Ghetto's settlement, growth, architecture, trades, society, and overall daily life of the Jews who were confined to its borders. These elements of life for the Jewish minority will be contrasted with Venice city life at large, underscoring the relationships between the Jews and civil society throughout the years. The best of Venetian Jewish art and culture meet advanced and effective multimedia languages to show the reciprocal influence between the Jews and the society around them. (Paintings depicting biblical subjects will symbolize the age-old symbiosis between the Old Testament and the Veneto landscape). The virtual reconstruction of the Ghetto in its various historical phases will make it possible to trace the neighborhood’s development. Important, recently restored, silver ceremonial objects will help explain Jewish religious customs and traditions, fusing art and craftsmanship with culture. Books will bear witness to the extraordinary importance of Venetian Jewish printing, which was
the first in Europe, through the example of the Talmud printed in Venice first and still in use today throughout
the world. http://www.teatrolafenice.it/site/index.php?pag=69&categoria=1&sottocategoria=5&media=15383"

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