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WJHpedia right now

WJHpedia has 2,475 content articles and 9,222 pages total.

There have been 23,766 edits and 3,733,294 views.

There are 5,703 uploaded files.

We have 52,502 members in our community, including 42 administrators.

The information is correct as of 18 November 2019

The overall mission of the World Jewish Heritage Foundation is to create a comprehensive, reliable source of information regarding Jewish heritage sites and events around the world, and to promote tourism to these places and events. Think of us as a cross between Wikipedia and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, except that WJH is dedicated exclusively to Jewish heritage and culture.

We pride ourselves on being a community-based resource project. As such, we have incorporated tools into our project which enable and encourage the outside community to contribute in the same way that outside individuals contribute to Wikipedia.


It looks and feels like the Wikipedia that everyone knows and loves, but we have introduced a few improvements. For example, we have modified the uploading page to make it more user-friendly, and we have incorporated Google coordinates into the project. Additionally, we have allowed for galleries of pictures to be uploaded. These improvements make it easy for individuals of all ages to participate in the uploading process, and they also ensure that the end product provided is a richer, more visual experience for the user.

WJH Travel Application

Since everything these days is "digital” and ”mobile", we are also building a one-of-a-kind tablet WJH Traveler's App. This GPS-based application will allow you to search the WJH Travelpedia in a precise and efficient fashion, so that you can build your own personalized trip. For those of you who do not have time for trip-building, we will make sure to provide you with a selection of pre-planned trails!

WJH Official Designation

We want to help travelers decide which sites to visit, which events to go to, and which trails to walk. Herein lies the concept of an "official" WJH site. An official WJH site is one that has already been recognized by other authorities as being significant, either for cultural or historical reasons. We trust authorities such as the UNESCO World Heritage List, national historic register lists, and governmental heritage preservation lists as a few of our main sources for labeling a site as an official WJH site.

WJH Heritage Traveler

We are confident that the upcoming release of these products will significantly enhance the Jewish heritage travel experience. We are very excited to build a community of heritage travelers, namely those individuals who love to travel and similarly want to share their experiences with their fellow travelers.

We invite you to join us and to become a member of our community!